Shipping address for shipments:

Blatt MTS
Findbergstrasse 11
63808 Haibach

Packaging information:

Please note that your parcels with the devices you are sending to us are also sufficient against
Transport damage are protected, i.e. at least 10 cm stronger packaging material e.g. Styrofoam or similar.
In addition, the cardboard box used must also be able to withstand the weight of the device.

Liability for shipping:

We will send the calibrated / adjusted / repaired device back to you as far as possible in the same packaging material provided by you.
The transfer of risk for the return transport from the handover of the shipping service provider is borne by you as the customer.
We are only liable for transport damage if we are to blame for it ourselves, and otherwise we do not assume the further shipping risk.
The parcels are generally insured against damage and loss up to € 500 via the shipping service provider.
If you would like a higher insurance value during the return transport, we can gladly provide you with this
Book surcharge for you at cost price (approx. 2% of the value of the goods)
We are also happy to help with transport damage, but we cannot guarantee that the shipping service provider will
in any case also paid.

Used / new devices from us are of course excluded from this rule, where we take over completely
the shipping risk.

Thank you for your understanding

Blatt MTS